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Don’t let your water pipes freeze this winter

June 8, 2021Posted in: Roads and Assets

Water exploding out of broken water meter

Wingecarribee Shire Council is reminding residents to protect their water meters and exposed pipes from the winter chill. The call comes as the Shire enters the coldest part of the year. A Council spokesperson said as the mornings become increasingly colder residents should take preventative action and cover their water meters and exposed pipes to...

Council scoops State water award

November 11, 2020Posted in: Roads and Assets

Wingecarribee Shire Council has won a major award at the 2020 Local Government NSW Water Management Conference for its work on improving water efficiency. The Sam Samra Award was presented to Council for the work the organisation has undertaken in continually improving water and sewerage asset management practices and strategy development. Council’s Manager of Assets...

Protecting your pipes from the winter chill

May 26, 2020Posted in: Roads and Assets

As we leave autumn behind Council is reminding residents to protect their water meters from the winter chill. Council’s Manager of Water Services Graeme Mellor said as the temperature drops below freezing the number of calls to fix burst water meters increases. “Every year we respond to numerous calls of frozen water meters,” he said. ...

Water restrictions lifted

February 25, 2020Posted in: Environment

dripping tap

Wingecarribee Shire Council will remove all existing local water restrictions from Sunday 1 March 2020. Council’s Deputy General Manager Operations, Finance and Risk Barry Paull said the lifting of the restrictions were a result of recent record rainfalls. “Following months of sustained dry weather across the Highlands and the state we received some welcome rain...

Mayor pleads for water restraint

December 20, 2019Posted in: Roads and Assets

Wingecarribee Shire Mayor Duncan Gair is calling on the Shire’s residents to heed Council’s recently introduced water restrictions as catastrophic bush fire conditions are forecast for Saturday 21 December 2019. “Now is not the time to water your lawn when others are trying to save their homes,” he said. “I urge everyone across the Shire...