Wingecarribee Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Tours: Promoting Sustainable Water Management

15 September, 2023Posted in: Events, Other
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Interested in a unique opportunity to witness the journey water takes before it reaches your home?  Join one of our tours on 19 October 2023, and gain an understanding of what also happens to water after you use it, and what that means for water efficiency and sustainability.

This year the Water Treatment Plant team have taken five groups through the facility, and the Sewage Treatment Plant team has had three groups through. Visitors ranged from High School students, TAFE Students to social groups.

Wingecarribee’s Shire Council’s Sustainability Officer, Morwenna Zabaks said, “previous attendees to the Water Treatment plant tours learned about the vital role of water treatment plants in natural reservoirs such as our local Wingecarribee reservoir and.”

Sewage Treatment tours show the intensive processes the raw water goes through to create safe and clean water, which is released into the river, whilst abiding by regulatory compliance and protecting our environment. “By showcasing the origins of their drinking water and the process for used water, the tours fostered a sense of appreciation and responsibility for this precious resource,” said Morwenna.

“One crucial aspect emphasized during the tours was the significant energy consumption involved in the water treatment processes.” Previous attendees gained insights into the energy-intensive nature of these operations and were introduced to innovative technologies employed at the Wingecarribee Water Treatment and the Moss Vale Sewage Treatment Plants to minimize energy waste. “They learned about the importance of minimising water wastage, what should go down the toilet, the all-important 3 P’s and adopting eco-friendly behaviours in their daily lives,” said Morwenna.

Both plant’s commitment to sustainability is evident through their implementation of energy and water efficient practices, such as changing the schedule for some of the energy intensive processes to occur at night reducing energy costs and impact on the grid during peak hours and the benefits of using natural processes to aid in raw sewage processing.

There will be two tours coming up on 19 October this year, one for the Water Treatment Plant and one for the Sewage Treatment Plant. They are held in-line with Water Night which is celebrated nationally. If you wish to attend these tours, please visit here for the Water Treatment Plant Tour and here for the Sewage Treatment Plant Tour.


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