Assisting with Exemption for community events

September 8, 2023Posted in: Community

We’re advocating for village communities who told us the requirements of a DA to hold events on bushfire-prone land was prohibiting social connection. Our village communities have for 5 years sought changes that will allow events such as carols in the park or local fundraisers on sports ovals, which are largely run by community volunteers,...

Prioritising clearing and fast-tracking DA’s

July 28, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs

lady sitting on a ladder at her home worksite

To streamline the DA process for our community, we’ve been implementing improvements to our approach that are significantly reducing turn-around times. Clearance rates have been vastly improved by prioritising dealing with the legacy of a backlog of DA’s, and we’ve introduced a Fast-Track team dedicated to expediting straight-forward applications. Within the 6 months to June...

DA details at your fingertips

June 16, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs, Development

lady standing near some scaffolding outside her house

Keeping track of your Development Applications has been made easier with the recent system upgrades we’ve implemented over the past few months. Council has been working hard behind the scenes to improve our online DA Tracker tool to put details of how your DA is progressing, at your finger tips. This is where you’ll start...

Moving to a partial or full cost recovery model for certain fees and charges

May 12, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs

Woman looking into distance at building site

Fairly distributing the costs associated with particular services delivered by Council is a focus of the draft plans presented at this week’s Extraordinary Meeting of Council, where community members had the opportunity to participate. Moving to a partial or full cost recovery model for some fees and charges will play a part in ensuring a...