Prioritising clearing and fast-tracking DA’s

28 July, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs

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To streamline the DA process for our community, we’ve been implementing improvements to our approach that are significantly reducing turn-around times. Clearance rates have been vastly improved by prioritising dealing with the legacy of a

backlog of DA’s, and we’ve introduced a Fast-Track team dedicated to expediting straight-forward applications.

Within the 6 months to June 30, 2023, Wingecarribee Shire Council (WSC) has significantly reduced our average processing time on DA’s, from 171 days to 125 days.

“Adan Davis, Director Communities and Place, says “That figure will continue to be driven down by our new practice of limiting amendments to one opportunity, and the monitoring of external consultants by our knowledgeable assessment staff.”

Resourcing our new Fast-Track team, focused on new applications that are straight-forward, will put us on track to hit our goal of a 60-day turn-around, set down by resolution of Council in February.

Our campaign to clear a legacy of long-standing DA’s clogging our system has succeeded in reducing the number of DA’s held for longer than 300 days, by 25%. 

In just six months, we’ve cut back the total number of applications still under assess-ment by 40. Those under 100 days have been reduced by 56.

While our average processing time of 125 days still exceeds our 100 day assessment goal by 25 days, it is only 13 more than the 112 day State average and we remain committed to achieving our goal by the end of this year. “Making that happen for our community will set a new benchmark,” Adan says.

Actively recruiting additional qualified team members is critical to meet the 60-day goal we’ve set ourselves for fast-tracked assessment of substantially compliant applications with minimal complexity. “The efficiency of this approach has been proven at other Councils and we are expecting to see great outcomes,” Adan says.

A further update on progress with processing of DA applications, up to the end of 2023, is expected to be presented to Council during the first meeting of 2024.

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