Making a Splash! Wingecarribee Diving into Community Focused Water Services

8 June, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs

People standing next to a reservoir listening to tour guide

Get ready for a wave of positive changes as residents’ health continues to be placed at the forefront of water services. As part of initiatives focusing on community well-being, Wingecarribee Shire Council aims to implement key water services plans including installing a Pressure Reducing Valve in Mittagong and undertaking specialist water mains cleaning around Bowral Hospital.

As part of Council’s 23/24 draft Operational Plan, we are pleased to announce new strategic actions that will provide a reliable and sustainable water infrastructure that meets the needs of our growing region.

WSC’s Manager, Water Services, Graeme Mellor says Council is firmly committed to the continued improvement of water services in our region. “Our priority actions for the upcoming year are designed to enhance the overall quality and reliability of our water services, ultimately benefiting our community by safeguarding water mains, further improving water quality, and ensuring efficient wastewater management,” said Mr Mellor.

One of the crucial projects on the agenda is the installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to protect the Mittagong water mains network.  The PRV will not only ensure a stable pressure in the local water supply but will also contribute to leakage control, meaning improved water conservation and cost savings, benefiting residents and promoting sustainability.

With dedicated efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens, specialised water mains cleaning will be undertaken around Bowral Hospital to protect water quality. This approach is a safeguard to bolster the safety and health of patients, staff, and visitors to our hospital.

To enhance the region’s wastewater network, the draft Operational Plan includes strategies to develop the proactive maintenance team, ensuring optimal performance. With the aim of delivering quality infrastructure and efficiency, a range of exciting advancements and modernisation initiatives include comprehensive upgrades to the water and sewer control systems.

Pneumatic controls for the filter valves at Wingecarribee Water Treatment Plant will be replaced. While water, sewer, meter, and manhole replacement programs will be diligently executed, providing a more reliable and sustainable water supply for our community.

To ensure cost recovery and enhanced water services some fees, including water connection and disconnection, are set to increase. Cheaper costings and discounts have importantly been passed on to the community in areas such as private water meter readings, where fees have been reduced by 37.5% down to $11 per read.

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