You may mean well with your tree pruning, but is it doing damage?

20 October, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs
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Planning on pruning back your trees? Well-meaning community members may be unaware of the damage their intended care is doing to Council-owned trees, and possibly your own! A recent spike in poor DIY pruning of Council trees on the verge of village streets has sadly weakened many trees and rendered them prone to disease.

“I’m sure most people would hate to think that pruning back their tree in the hope it will thrive, might actually remove its ability to produce the energy it needs to survive.” Says Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Team Leader Tree Management, Charlene Ferguson

In Charlene’s experience, DIY pruning will in most cases fall short of Australian Standards (AS4373-2007 pruning of amenity trees) and too often leads to limb failure. Improper cuts can cause the tree to suffer delayed healing, or not heal at all. Poor pruning leaves a tree open to attack by pests and disease.

Pruning may well cost you more than the loss of a tree if you have done so without a permit where this is required. “If you have concerns about trees or vegetation you can make a request for one of our Arborists to provide you with knowledgeable advice,” Charlene says. “We aim to investigate within 14 days and will let you know whether or not pruning is needed.”

Pruning itself can be a dangerous activity for the inexperienced. It involves working at heights, often close to busy roads, using sharp tools, and handling heavy branches. “It’s what our arborists are here for and we’d prefer community members leave the heavy- duty pruning to the experts, for their own safety, as well as the health of their trees,” Charlene says.

Pondering pruning at your place? Check out the helpful information on our website first to be sure you won’t need a permit.


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