Unlocking our Shire’s potential through a strategic vision for positive asset management

28 June, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs, News

Over view of david Woods play field in east Bowral

First Published 9 June 2023

Through implementation of effective asset management, the Southern Highlands is on the path to a bright and more prosperous future. As part of our plans, the spotlight has been placed on local asset management for key areas including sportsfields, roads, footpaths, and water management systems.

“By investing in the maintenance, improvement, and strategic planning of our vital assets we are creating solid foundations for a thriving and sustainable community,” Mr Robinson highlighted. 

As part of the transformative initiatives, Asset Management Plans will be prepared for all six asset classes within the Wingecarribee – buildings, open spaces, roads, stormwater, water, and wastewater.

A commitment to creating vibrant community spaces will see WSC working on the preparation of two Masterplans that will focus on key sites that will be finalised after adoption of the Community and Recreation Facility Strategy.  Strategic Plans of Management for sportsfields and community use have also been highlighted. Each plan serves as a blueprint for future development and management of the assets.

Ensuring respectful and efficient services for members of our community who have lost loved ones, WSC has prioritised compliance with the new Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation 2022.

To maintain the integrity of the region’s transportation infrastructure, comprehensive Network Condition Inspections will be conducted on roads, footpaths and bridges. While updated Water and Wastewater Strategy documents will ensure responsible use of this vital resource.

WSC will implement fee changes in response to the evolving financial landscape. Occasionally changes are necessary to ensure financial stability and alignment with operational costs. The document has highlighted that the revaluation of infrastructure assets has resulted in significant increases in depreciation. This is primarily due to the higher replacement costs associated with such assets. WSC are continually evaluating asset costs and over time it becomes necessary to account for their maintenance and, in many cases, eventual replacement.

Read the full draft Operational Plan here.


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