Try our refreshed website for yourself, from today!

15 November, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs
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We’re excited to share our refreshed website with you launched this week!

Wingecarribee Shire Council is working to make accessing the services and information you need, more user-friendly for you. We’d love to hear what you think of our new look and enhanced features. Expect to see on-going improvements as we continue to put even more at your fingertips, online, for your convenience.

Council’s General Manager, Lisa Miscamble, is passionate about modernising the Council’s digital presence in line with Wingecarribee Shire Council’s commitment to transparency and customer service excellence. “We’re doing a lot of work to simplify access to services and information and an overhaul of our website is central to this,” Lisa says.  

We hope that the pages we’ve refreshed will be more intuitive to use and that you’ll find the website much easier to navigate. “Our aim has been to create clear menus and a straightforward structure with more quick-links to make it easier for users to access the information they want within a couple of clicks,” Lisa says.

Among new features is a News Page where you’ll find the latest articles and podcasts we’ve published, a welcome section for new residents to simplify getting set-up with all things Council-related, and quick-links on our home page to take you straight to where you need to be for the services or information you seek.

“We believe an informed community is a better-connected community and making access to information easier and more convenient for community members is a big step in the direction of keeping people informed of all that’s happening in their Shire,” Lisa says.

We anticipate that our continued progress in the digital space will bring far reaching benefits for our current and future community. Please take some time to explore our new website for yourself.

We welcome your feedback on how we might make it even better as we work to shape the future of our Shire together.


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