The growth you want to see

19 January, 2023Posted in: Community, Corporate Affairs, News
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Refurbished house with white pickett fence on Highlands Street

To give residents more control over how that growth will take shape in their town or village, Councils’ Strategic Outcomes Team are coming alongside local communities to re-imagine Place Plans that will preserve the character that makes each place unique, and of course the all-important green between.  

It’s probably not news to you that a growing number of families have been relocating to the Shire in the wake of COVID-19, but would it surprise you to hear that the rate of population growth predicted by 2040 is already upon us?    

Together with our communities, we’re coming up with creative solutions to the diversity of accommodation needed, for the way people want to live, that will sit well with the local landscape. The property pictured here, for example, provides three separate dwellings in a style that blends well with the existing streetscape. 

Follow the progress with the Robertson Place Plan at