Small Village Back-Up Water Plan for Extended Outages in Wingecarribee Shire

12 March, 2024Posted in: Community, Environment

Every day, Wingecarribee Shire Council delivers up to 36 million litres of fresh water through 715 kilometres of water mains to 45,000 residents, businesses, and properties across the Shire. However, maintaining this extensive network can sometimes lead to temporary disruptions, both planned and unplanned.

So that community members in smaller villages connected to town water can be assured of ready access to drinking water in the event of an outage that lasts longer than three hours, we’ve made arrangements for a back-up supply of bottled water. The recent disruption of water supply to Yerrinbool Village, due to a burst water main, highlighted the importance of putting these plans in place.

Together with our village communities, we’ve identified convenient pick-up points where you’ll be able to access free bottled water if an outage exceeds three hours in duration. This may be your local village hall, RFS or community centre. Check our location map for the collection point closest to you. Distribution-Points

“Should any future disruption of your water supply hit the three hour mark as a resident in a small village, Council will deliver bottled water to your local collection point so that you have easy access to drinking water while services are restored.” Says Graeme Mellor, WSC Manager Water Services. “Follow us on socials for notifications during outages when bottled water has been despatched.”

An allocation of 3 litres per household will be made available and Council will go the extra mile to ensure all community members can access the water they need. “Vulnerable people who may have difficulty getting to their local collection point or with specialised medical needs can get in touch with us and we’ll make a way to get the bottled water to them when they need it,” says Graeme Mellor, WSC Manager Water Services.

In the event of an extended outage, other measures such as water carts will put in place.

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