Small amount of asbestos found in Welby Tip sheeting

1 May, 2012Posted in: Environment
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Wingecarribee Shire Council has today confirmed a small amount of bonded asbestos has been found in gyprock sheeting at the former Welby landfill site.

The confirmation was provided by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) who undertook three sample tests. Only one test showed positive results for asbestos, however, there are no guarantees that more won’t be found within the pile.

Council’s General Manager Jason Gordon said the gyprock pile, originally earmarked for recycling has been on site for a number of years and poses no immediate health issues.

“The location is Council owned and is not open to the general public,” he said.

“Even though only a minute amount has been identified, about the size of a mobile phone in some 500 cubic metres of material, the appropriate response is to treat the entire gyprock sheeting as contaminated.

“We are therefore working with the EPA and WorkCover NSW to properly dispose of the entire stockpile as swiftly as possible,” Mr Gordon said. “We’re hopeful this will occur within the fortnight once the approved contractors are secured.”