Safeguarding living history with Council’s Community Assistance Scheme

6 October, 2023Posted in: Community

Bundanoon’s well-preserved heritage buildings have earned the village centre its place in history as a conservation area. To see that this continues, the Bundanoon History Group is re-flooring The Old Goods Shed at Bundanoon Railway Station, which serves as a local history information centre open to the public and is part of the Bundanoon Railway Station Complex. A much-needed investment in safeguarding local history, made possible by a grant through Council’s Community Assistance Scheme.

“The Station is the only State Heritage Listed site in Bundanoon and being right in the heart of the village draws a lot of attention to it,” says Bundanoon History Group Vice-President David Brennen. “The Old Goods Shed on site is like a living museum of how our close-knit community has grown around the railway since it first arrived here in 1868.” What was once a landscape of farmland and bush took shape as a village when houses, shops and businesses began appearing along the railway line.

Historically used for the storage of goods being transported by rail, The Old Goods Shed is today the headquarters of the Bundanoon History Group. Displays and activities are regularly hosted here to bring to life a rich village history.

The Shed’s exterior was revitalised by a fresh coat of paint in heritage colours during 2018 in celebration of 150 years since the railway arrived in Bundanoon. Since then, many improvements have been made to the interior. The old timber flooring was unfortunately not included in the refurbishments.

“Built back in 1885, the shed’s flooring is badly in need of a makeover,” David explains.

Through Council’s Community Assistance Scheme, the Bundanoon History Group successfully applied for the funding needed to improve the flooring, using durable, contemporary materials which are still in-keeping with the integrity of the historic building. The group is a volunteer-run

organisation dedicated to preserving and sharing local history.

“In partnership with Council, through this grant scheme in support of community-led initiatives, we’ve been able to take another step in safeguarding Bundanoon’s living history for future generations to enjoy,” David says. “It’s not only locals who value our heritage. The historic charm of our villages plays a big part in the destination appeal of the whole of the Southern Highlands.”

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Coordinator Community Development Corinne Buxton says, “Projects like this that protect and share local heritage are rewarding opportunities for Council to collaborate with our village communities on, through our Community Assistance Scheme.”

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