Restoring History and Strengthening Community Bonds

4 August, 2023Posted in: Delivering

Bundanoon Soldiers Memorial Hall - showing new roof

Holding a cherished place in the village’s history, Bundanoon Soldiers Memorial Hall has been preserved for years to come by a roof replacement. Built in 1934/35 to honour World War 1 heroes, it not only holds heritage significance for the Bundanoon community but also provides a place to gather and create lasting memories.

The hall has hosted a diverse array of events over the years, from markets and theatre productions to debutante balls, meetings and weddings. When the building began to show signs of wear and tear, the weathered and leaking roof posed cause for concern.

“The community is delighted with the upgrades and replacement of the roof, and it is looking fantastic. The council’s managers, hall convenor and contract lead all worked really well together for this important investment in the future of the very loved and popular hall“ said Andy Carnahan, President of Bundanoon Community Association.

Replacement of the old, badly deteriorated galvanized corrugated roof sheeting and the addition of insulation and improved ventilation have delivered a better experience for community members.

John Creighton from Wombat Care Bundanoon had requested the discarded roof sheeting to support his wildlife conservation efforts, ensuring that the material would not go to waste.

“We really appreciate Council using this opportunity to repurpose the old roofing.  It will certainly go a long way to provide shelter for wombats in rehabilitation when it is repurposed for construction for new enclosures,” Wombat Care Bundanoon’s John Creighton says.

To safeguard the hall against further water infiltration, new flashing and waterproofing were installed. Skylights were replaced and all guttering and downpipes were replaced or repainted.

Overall, the refreshed appearance befits the landmark building’s special place in the heart of the Bundanoon community. Another great outcome for the future of our Shire, achieved in collaboration with our community.


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