Participate in the Master Planning Process for the Bowral South New Living Area

18 October, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs
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outline of the area designated for the new living area

Community Design workshops on October 28 and November 11, and an online survey, are opportunities to contribute to shaping the future of Bowral South New Living Area. As the strong sense of community we enjoy here in the Highlands continues to drive the region’s appeal as a lifestyle choice for young families and professionals, the need for greater housing diversity is highlighted. Bowral South New Living Area is among new residential developments under the Wingecarribee Local Housing Strategy, designed to meet the needs and expectations of our growing community, now and into the future.

The Strategy is being developed through a process of consultation with the Wingecarribee community to provide a holistic vision for the future of our Shire.  Bowral South New Living Area is located at the intersection of Eridge Park Road and Kangaloon Road, with the Wingecarribee River to the south and Bong Bong Picnic Racecourse to the east.

A great deal of thought is being invested in creating the Master Plan and Servicing Strategy in collaboration with Urban Design specialists Design Urban, Engineering firm Maker ENG and our community, utilising the funding received from the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).

The vision is for a thriving and sustainable, community-centred place aligned with all that locals value about living here in the beautiful Southern Highlands, well supported by carefully planned transport and infrastructure services,” says Lisa Miscamble, General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council.

The Bowral South New Living Area Master Plan, “will look at integrating a range of housing typologies with a vibrant village centre, community facilities and essential infrastructure, to meet the comprehensive needs of the local community,”  Lisa explains.

A site-specific Development Control Plan will guide development in line with community expectations and preserve local character. While a Servicing Strategy will plan ahead for the provision of infrastructure to support the new living area.

What the community brings to the table through our Community Design Workshops and the online survey will directly influence the master plan for the area,” Lisa says.

Register your interest in attending the first session on October 28 to workshop Urban Design Principles for the Draft Master Plan such as connections and access, green spaces and corridors, residential densities, and dwelling types. Share your views on how your insights have been integrated into the Draft Master Plan when it is unveiled at the second workshop on November 11.

Visit now to get involved in the workshops or take the online survey.


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