Out we go – more village visits in 2023

19 January, 2023Posted in: Community, Corporate Affairs, News

Two ladies standing on street, laughing and discussing village plans

Village communities, you can expect us to be coming out to you more regularly. 

We appreciate your feedback, that since bringing our Place Liaison Officer Corinne Buxton on board a collaborative approach to the projects that matter to you, is working well. 

With the village of Wingello, we were able to set in motion a project that had been in limbo for 20 years. More meaningful than ever in the wake of devastating bushfires, Casburn Park will be transformed into the vital community hub residents want, to reconnect and revitalise the village.  

We want to keep that momentum and we know that the needs of each village are unique. So we’d love to hear how you feel we can best reach your community with what you want to know. 

The team will be back for more Village Visits in 2023. In preparation, we’ll be asking what you want to talk about, so we can come to you with answers.  

Keep an eye on our website at wsc.nsw.gov.au/Council/Administrator/Administrator-Village-Visits.