Our people are our strength – priority actions for people and culture outlined in our draft Operational Plan

28 June, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs, News
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First published 16 June 2023

People and culture play a vital role in managing and developing the council’s workforce, ensuring effective recruitment, training, and employee engagement, which ultimately contribute to the overall efficiency of the council’s operations and the outcomes we deliver for our community.

In order to effectively deliver the many major projects and services, we provide to our community, Council has identified priority actions to be undertaken within the scope of our 2023/24 Operational Plan.

Firstly, our recruitment process will be reviewed and improved to ensure that the most well experienced and skilled candidates are selected for available positions. Additionally, leadership capability will be developed to ensure that each of our teams has strong and efficient direction and oversight.

“The true value of people and culture lies in the ability to unlock potential within individuals and teams, creating an environment where both employees and the organisation can thrive” says Sally Sammut, WSC’s Executive Manager, People and Culture.

Council will also develop and implement a staff health and wellbeing plan that includes an annual health expo to promote the importance of maintaining good health. Preparation for an even better future for our Shire, and our people, includes planning for a Transition to Retirement program which will include ensuring valuable institutional knowledge is not lost when employees retire.

To support the development of young talent and encourage career growth, the Council will partner with TAFE to pilot innovative programs and expand its apprentice, trainee, cadet, and new graduate program. This will include a careers expo to showcase a range of local opportunities available to young people.

Finally, the organization will develop and implement a Diversity and Inclusion plan to ensure that everyone feels valued and included in the workplace.

By taking these actions, our organisation aims to achieve all of its objectives for the upcoming year and create an inclusive and supportive workplace focused on employee wellbeing and growth.

To keep us on the right track with our staffing and engagement goals, we will be closely monitoring several key indicators, such as the percentage of days between a vacancy being created and the role being filled. Our target is an increase in staff engagement of at least 50%. We also aim to reduce unplanned absences, and have 5% of our workforce employed in cadet, trainee, or apprentice roles. Finally, we hope to achieve an 80% participation rate by June 2024.

By tracking these metrics, we can ensure that we are making progress towards our goals while also staying accountable and transparent in our efforts,” Sally Sammut said.


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