Minister responds to Colo Vale service station proposal

29 March, 2016Posted in: Development

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has this month determined that the Planning Proposal for a highway service centre and hotel and motel facilities at Colo Vale not proceed.

The decision follows Council’s original resolution to refuse the proposal in 2014, which was then reconsidered due to a review by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) who believed the application had merit.

This unanimous decision by Councillors followed an extended period of community consultation and public exhibition in 2014 whereby nearby residents had the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

In announcing the decision this month, the Minister cited that the matter was not of State or regional planning significance and agreed that Council was the appropriate planning authority to decide whether to support the proposal or not.  The Minister also said that the proposal was not recognised in Council’s strategic planning framework.

In accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the Minister for Planning has subsequently altered the Gateway Determination effectively ensuring the planning proposal slated for Church Avenue, Colo Vale does not proceed.

The Minister’s decision follows the resolution of 8 July 2015 wherein Council voted to not proceed with the proposal and subsequently asked for the Minister to finalise the matter.