Meet local Change Maker, Jenny Wells

18 May, 2023Posted in: Community
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We would like to introduce you to one of the many curious and driven volunteers in our community, Jenny Wells.

As an inquirer, Jenny is passionate about investigating problems, looking for solutions, and making a difference through education and knowledge. Jenny is the President of U3A Southern Highlands, a not-for-profit association providing educational opportunities for the over-50s in a social setting. With around 900 members and over 50 courses offered each term, U3A Southern Highlands is one of the largest U3As in NSW, offering a wide range of courses on topics including current affairs to science and technology, economics, literature, and physical activities such as table tennis, golf, tennis, walking and of course, music and singing.

As a committee member for four years and now in her second year as President, Jenny has experienced firsthand the dedication and passion that U3A Southern Highlands volunteers bring to their work. With courses presented by members, whose knowledge and experiences are so varied, all on a voluntary basis, this association is a testament to the power of volunteering.

We are inspired by Jenny’s intellectual curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning. Her willingness to ask tough questions and seek out new perspectives reminds us of the power of education and the importance of staying engaged and informed about the world around us.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming an inquirer volunteer like Jenny with the U3A Southern Highlands. In that case, there are many opportunities to get involved, from presenting a course to being on the Committee, or even helping set chairs out at presentations or marking off names on attendance sheets. The benefit to the seniors in our Shire is incalculable because, as well as the learning opportunities (and fun!) provided, members get out and meet people.

To learn more about U3A Southern Highlands and the amazing work they do, visit their website at Thank you to all the volunteers at U3A Southern Highlands for your incredible dedication and for being change makers in our community.