Interim Administrator calls for resident feedback

8 April, 2021Posted in: Development

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Interim Administrator Mr Viv May is calling on residents and professional advisors who have had recent interaction with Council’s Planning, Development and

Regulatory Services Department to discuss their experiences with newly appointed independent consultant, Malcolm Ryan of Earnest Consulting Pty Ltd.

“We want to hear from residents who’ve had recent first-hand interaction with the department,” Mr May said.

“Whether positive or otherwise, this is an opportunity for all residents to detail their interactions.”

Confidential meetings will be carried out by Mr Ryan who has over 40 years of experience in Local Government specialising in strategic planning.

Mr May said residents were free to discuss with Mr Ryan their planning and development experiences including initial pre-lodgement meetings, tree removal applications, issuing of final development consents, occupation certificates and compliance oversight.

“Any involvement they have had with the Planning, Development and Regulatory Services department can be discussed,” Mr May said.

“These discussions are designed to help assess the overall effectiveness of Council’s planning, development and compliance functions.”

The meetings are the latest in a series of reviews Mr May is undertaking across the organisation.

Mr May stressed the meetings were not an opportunity to re-open already determined matters nor will assessment of development matters currently before Council be discussed.

Residents wishing to meet with Council’s independent consultant to discuss their planning, development and compliance experiences can organise a confidential meeting by phoning 4868 0714 or emailing