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28 June, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs, News
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First published 16 June 2023

We’re taking steps to provide residents with the best experience possible when interacting with Council, starting with reviewing and implementing our Customer Experience Charter, and keeping a close eye on our service level Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to make sure we’re meeting your expectations and our targets.

Other initiatives outlined in 2023/24 draft Operational planning document include the implementation of our new council managed facilities online booking and payment platform – ‘Bookable’. This is implemented for our community members convenience by making it possible to book and pay for hall/facility bookings remotely.

With the new booking system, comes a new, balanced fee structure, designed to give local residents and community organisations an accessible hire rate while generating the revenue needed to maintain our facilities to a high standard through higher commercial usage rates.

A refresh of our website is also underway to make it more user-friendly and easier for you to access the information you need.

Council’s core software will be moved to the cloud, using TechnologyOne, a software delivery service designed to enhance our digital customer experience. And, as your data protection is a major priority for Council, we’re putting in place a Cyber Security Policy and framework to protect your privacy. Full training will be rolled-out internally to ensure all runs smoothly.

Our goal of enhanced service delivery will be measured by a number of KPIs. For instance, the incoming call answer rate will be measured against the benchmark outlined in our Customer Experience Charter. Further, a reduction in the number of complaints received related to website navigation and facilities bookings will be used as a KPI for improvement to the overall customer experience.

We hope to capture efficiency gains, both in terms of hard and soft savings, by implementing advanced technologies that enable our staff to provide more efficient services to the community,” said George Harb, Chief Information Officer for WSC.

In addition, to ensure the safety and security of our data, we will periodically test our systems with a focus on cyber security.”

To off-set a noticeable under-investment in these necessary technologies during the past 10 years, an increase in capital expenditure of $6.2 million will be required over the next four years.


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