How can you help survivors of domestic violence?

28 July, 2023Posted in: Community

Image of council bins with DV stickers on them

You can do your part to get conversations going about domestic violence and advocate for a safer, more respectful community, simply by displaying a new awareness-raising sticker on your bin!  Residents of the Southern Highlands can pick up new domestic violence awareness-raising stickers for free from the Council’s Civic Centre and local libraries. These stickers have been created by the Southern Highlands Domestic Violence Forum (SHDVF).

The SHDVF is a local group made up of government (including Wingecarribee Shire Council), non-government, and volunteer members who are working together to raise awareness and respond to domestic and family violence through education, support, and advocacy for a safer and more respectful community.

“Council is part of the forum and we gladly embrace the opportunity to assist their efforts by assisting with distribution of their sticker campaign,” says WSC Coordinator Community Development Corinne Buxton. “We want to make it easy for community members to get involved and share the message across our Shire, simply by placing these stickers on their bins,” said Corinne Buxton.

Displaying the stickers in plain view in this way aims to increase awareness of local support services available to people experiencing domestic violence. The initiative has been funded through the Local Domestic and Family Violence Committee Grant for 2022/2023. Already, the campaign stickers and posters are popping-up in townships and villages across Wingecarribee.

According to Southern Highlands Domestic Violence Forum Chair Finette Sheather, it’s important to get information out there about local supports. She also expressed appreciation for the funding provided by the State Government.

When you collect stickers for your bins, it’s important to note the information provided about where to position them. Take care to place the sticker directly below the Council logo on your bin, without covering any part of the logo or bin number, so that your bin will still be collected.

Ready to do your bit to support this community campaign? Pick-up a sticker today and start spreading the word. It’s a simple way to show that you’re standing with your fellow community members, to see Wingecarribee become a safer and more supportive place for all.

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