Ensuring the Safety of Your Summer Guests: A Must for Hospitality

15 November, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs
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With the holiday season just around the corner, be sure the barrier fencing of any pools and spas at any tourist or visitor accommodation has been checked by our qualified certifiers. A business that is set up to accommodate paying guests needs to have their pool barriers checked every 3 years to remain compliant as responsibility for the safety of guests rests with you.

For tourists and visitor accommodation, the renewal of your “Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance” is required every three years under NSW Government legislation. This is a simple process, necessary to ensure your barrier fencing meets safety standards.

Businesses in this category include the following:

  • short-term holiday rental including Airbnb, a bed and breakfast, farm stay,
  • hotel,
  • motel or
  • serviced apartment

Managing access to your pool effectively could be life-saving. According to Royal Life Saving Australia, the introduction of fencing regulations with mandated regular inspections has greatly reduced the number of accidents since the introduction of fencing regulation.

“We all want visitors to relax and enjoy their stay in our Shire and it’s essential that accommodation operators provide assurance that pool safety is a priority at their property,” says Jon Shillito, Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Manager, Development Assessment and Regulation. “Don’t risk the potential consequences of non-compliance.”

The Swimming Pools Act of 1992 enforces these rules in relation to barrier fencing at tourist and visitor accommodation, ensuring that getaways can be enjoyed without incident.

“It’s all about looking out for one another,” Jon says.

Pool owners can watch out for the safety of their guests by regularly checking pool fences and gates for any obstructions and to ensure that they remain in good working order. Resuscitation posters must also be displayed within pool or spa enclosures.

For details, and to find out what falls under the definition of a swimming pool requiring barrier fencing, visit our webpage.

Request a service, certificate of compliance, to arrange an inspection.

Call Council on 02 4868 0863 and ask to speak to the Building and Pool inspector if you have any questions.


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