Council to roll out new water meters in new year

17 December, 2014Posted in: Roads and Assets

water meters

Wingecarribee Shire Council will start replacing almost 2,500 water meters across the Shire from the start of the new year as part of its regular maintenance program.

Under the water meter replacement project some 2,500 of the Shire’s oldest residential and industrial water meters will be replaced at a cost of $300,000.

Council’s Water and Sewer Reticulation Coordinator Chris Geddes said the water meters would be replaced at no cost to property owners.

“Water meters, like all mechanical devices, wear with age,” he said.  “Some of the water meters being replaced are either nearing or passed their useful life expectancy.”

The water meter replacement program will be carried out by Council’s Water and Sewer Reticulation staff starting early 2015.

“In total we’ll be replacing water meters in more than 20 towns and villages across the Shire,” Mr Geddes said.

“But because of the sheer volume of meters being replaced, the program will be progressively rolled out over several months.

Residents whose water meters will be replaced as part of the 2015 renewal program will be notified by mailbox notification prior to the changeover.

If residents are home on the day of the proposed works, Council staff will attempt to contact them prior to replacing the water meter.

During the meter replacement the water will be briefly disconnected (1 to 2 hours duration maximum). Council staff will advise residents who are at home to not use any water appliances during this time and to ensure all taps are turned off.

Once water supply is returned, it is recommended a cold water tap is slowly turned on to allow any trapped air to escape.  If the water is discoloured on reconnection, Council recommends running the tap at the rear of the house at full flow until cleared.

“This program is part of Council’s commitment to ensuring we continue to provide a safe, reliable and continuous water supply to the residents of the Shire,” Mr Geddes said.

The water meter replacement program is expected to be completed by June 2015.

For further information contact Council’s Water and Sewer Depot on phone 4868 0535.