Council rolls out radar speed displays across the Shire

18 January, 2012Posted in: Community, Roads and Assets
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Wingecarribee Shire Council is in the process of carrying out a road safety campaign targeting school and residential areas.

Over the coming months Council will be trialing radar speed displays via variable message signs across the Shire at a number of high speed zones including locations at Penrose Public School, Exeter, Bundanoon, Welby, Burradoo and Balmoral village.

Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz said the main aim of the speed displays is to educate and promote driver awareness and road safety.

“The signs that will be set up in the school zones are a reminder to motorists that children are about so please slow down and drive to the speed limits,” Ms Lausz said.

“The very size and visibility of the signs can also act as a deterrent as they tend to add an element of social pressure to drivers actions.

“Radar speed displays are a cost-effective way to promote road safety campaigns in school zones, road work sites and other high-pedestrian activity areas,” she said.

Ms Lausz also stressed the importance of driving to the conditions in rural areas.

“Motorists need to drive to the actual road conditions taking into account their driving experience and current fatigue, the road surface condition, visibility, time of day, weather conditions, the weight of the vehicle and to also be aware of unexpected hazards such as animals and branches that may be on the road.

“Foggy, wet or icy weather will also decrease visibility and increase the risk of accident, so drive at a speed that suits the conditions, not necessarily the maximum speed limit that is sign-posted.”