Council launches Work Zone Safety Brochure in time for summer road trip

12 December, 2011Posted in: Roads and Assets

Information assisting drivers and pedestrians to travel safely through Wingecarribee Shire road side work zones is now easier to access with the distribution of Council’s new “Work Zone Safety Brochure”.

The brochure outlines tips for motorists and pedestrians to make informed decisions about driving safely through roadside work zones.

In conjunction with the new brochure, Council will also install a number of “My Daddy Works Here – Please Slow Down” road signs at various work zones throughout the Shire.

The personalised message has been deliberately used to highlight to drivers and pedestrians that someone’s father is working onsite.

Wingecarribee Council Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz said if drivers and pedestrians can assist in reducing the risk of accidents by following the tips in the brochure, then the risk of injury to both the road users and workers could be significantly decreased.

“It’s important for drivers to be aware when driving through work zones to remember the three R’s: Recognition, Reaction and Responsibility,” she said.

“It’s about being roadwork aware and for drivers to slow down and take care.”

“Apart from potential work zones, motorists need to drive to the road conditions and take into account factors such as the road surface, visibility, time of day, weather conditions, the driver’s experience, fatigue, the weight of the vehicle and unexpected hazards such as animals and debris on the road.”

“People often take for granted things they do regularly, like driving, and often don’t anticipate changes in road conditions and how this can affect their driving ability,” Ms Lausz said.

The safe and efficient flow of traffic and pedestrians through work zones is of priority to Wingecarribee Shire Council.

The new Work Zone Safety Brochure is available from Council’s Moss Vale Civic Centre and libraries.