Council calls for a Fatality Free Friday

27 May, 2013Posted in: Events, Roads and Assets

Wingecarribee Shire’s motorists are being urged to reflect on their driving habits this Friday 31 May as part of the national road safety campaign Fatality Free Friday.

The idea behind Fatality Free Friday is simple: zero deaths on Australian roads for just one day.

According to the Australian Road Safety Foundation, just one Fatality Free Friday around the nation would equate to 5.3 lives saved and countless families and loved ones spared the consequences.

Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz explained the concept of the campaign.

“The aim of Fatality Free Friday is to encourage all drivers to think consciously about their actions behind the wheel – every day – to help reduce our country’s road toll.

“We’re asking drivers to take a pledge in which they promise to drive safely. Some simple tips include being mindful of safe driving each time you get behind the wheel; being patient with other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians; staying alert; not speeding and slowing down if it’s wet.”

Last year over 1,300 people lost their lives on our nation’s roads – a largely preventable number that increased from the year prior. So far this year, 305 people have died – a figure once again higher than the same period last year. For each death, approximately 10 people are injured and countless lives are impacted.

Ms Lausz said although the event is targeting a single day, the campaign aims for long-term benefits through raised safety awareness, considerate road use and changed driver behaviour.

“Last year, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT all recorded a zero road toll on Fatality Free Friday, but sadly there were still four deaths on Australian roads with one in New South Wales, two in Victoria and one in Western Australia.

“Ultimately, one death is too many, so we’re asking everyone to sign the Road Safety Pledge and work together to stop this needless loss of life on our roadways,” she said.

Fatality Free Friday pledges can be taken any time during the month of May at:

As part of Fatality Free Friday, visitors to Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Moss Vale Civic Centre between 9am and 3pm on Friday, May 31 can take the pledge at customer service, receive a free cup of coffee and the chance to win a prize.

Terms and conditions apply, for more information please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz on (02) 4868 0809.