Council adopts asbestos policy

2 August, 2013Posted in: Environment
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Council recently adopted a new asbestos policy covering the Wingecarribee Local Government Area.

The policy was based on the Model Asbestos Policy developed by the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW on behalf of the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities Working Group.

The policy provides information, existing legislative requirements and best practice processes for the community and Council regarding:

  • The roles and responsibilities of Council and other regulatory authorities
  • Contamination of land with asbestos
  • The process for changing land uses
  • The process for development assessment and asbestos
  • The management of asbestos as a waste (including handling, transporting and disposal of asbestos waste, as well as illegal dumping)
  • Responsibilities and response to emergencies and incidents
  • Complaints and investigations Identification and recording asbestos in the Council workplace Advice to tenants and prospective buyers of Council owned property

“Council’s adoption of this policy is in line with the Local Government’s Association of NSW broader management of asbestos,” said Barry Arthur, Council’s Manager of Environment and Sustainability.

“It’s vitally important as it details and promotes the responsible management, awareness and proper protocols involved in handling this potentially deadly product,” he said.

“A product which unfortunately was commonplace in building materials right across Australia between the 1940’s and the late 1980’s but is still having repercussions a decade since being banned.”

The policy is available from Council’s Customer Service Centre in Elizabeth Street in Moss Vale or via Council’s website.