Conserve energy, save money

4 August, 2023Posted in: Environment

Light bulb sitting on coins with a green leaf inside it indicating energy savings

Energy bill going through the roof? Can’t warm your home quickly enough?

We’re hosting a workshop you won’t want to miss! Adam Corrigan, founder of Your Energy Friend’ will take the guess work out of making your home more energy efficient at a free session in the Theatrette of our Civic Centre on August 19, 9am-12noon.

We want to help you take back control of what’s happening in your home with energy usage. So we’ve invited an expert in energy efficiency to share his knowledge on how to drive down your energy bills and leave a smaller carbon footprint, without compromising your comfort.

Adam Corrigan has made it his mission to help householders become savvy with energy efficiency by sharing simple changes they can make. Whether that means adjusting your usage habits, or switching to a more competitive provider, the bottom line will be saving money while doing your part to preserve our valued environment.

Our planet is faced with mounting environmental challenges. It’s more important than ever before for us to make informed choices when it comes to conserving our natural resources, starting in our own home.  Energy-efficient practices are a step in the direction of a greener planet.

You might be surprised to discover where energy wastage is happening in your home. Adam will help you to identify where you might benefit from making changes, such as switching to more energy efficient appliances.

Understand where significant savings are to be gained over time, such as investing in efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that use less electricity. Lower power usage translates to reduced greenhouse gas emissions too, so you’d be taking less of a toll on the environment.

Making this an even more appealing option, the NSW Government offers financial rebates for installing energy efficient systems.

“Every step in the direction of energy efficiency counts, so let’s all do our part to make a big difference, one conscious choice at a time,” says WSC’s Environmental Officer, Morwenna Zabaks.


Register Now for our Energy Efficiency in Your Home event at Council’s Civic Centre Theatrette, with Adam Corrigan from Your Energy Friend.