Community battery trial for East Bowral

27 October, 2023Posted in: Environment
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Exciting things are happening for residents of East Bowral. On 16 October, Southern Highlands’ first community battery began installation by Endeavour Energy.  Set up as one of a number of trial community batteries nationally it is the first step towards providing larger more effective batteries in the future.

Council has been working with Endeavor Energy to facilitate the installation of a trial community-shared battery in East Bowral.  The battery is part of a government trial where the battery stores excess energy from community members’ solar panels if they sign up to use the battery.

This is a way of distributing stored energy to areas where there are supply challenges. It also offers individual homes a more economical option than buying their own battery, allowing them to store their excess solar power to use at night.

“As a resident of East Bowral and owner of a 5 kw solar system I am looking forward to participating in the community battery program I have been considering purchasing a battery, hopefully that will no longer be necessary. If this trial is successful it should lead to lower energy costs and an expanded network of community batteries,” Said Richard Krohn.

In consultation with Council, Endeavour Energy is arranging suitable artwork to deter graffiti and enhance visual appeal of the battery facade.

“We’ve listened to feedback from the community regarding their concerns that the battery may become a target for graffiti and addressed this with Endeavour Energy,” said Corinne Buxton, Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Coordinator Community Development.

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