Celebrating our commitment to sustainability

11 August, 2023Posted in: Environment

Picture of council staff receiving the award

Wingecarribee Shire Council Recognised as Bronze Partner by NSW Sustainability Advantage Program!

We are happy to share some exciting news with our community! Our efforts towards sustainability have not only created change but also gained recognition. The Council has been recognised as an official Bronze Partner by the NSW Sustainability Advantage Program, highlighting our dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

The Sustainability Advantage Recognition Scheme celebrates and provides public acknowledgement of the efforts achieved by businesses and local government. Members must show their sustainability commitments and achievements to receive recognition. The Sustainability Advantage program is not only about recognition, but the program also supports and provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise, including case studies of sustainability programs within Australia.

The recognition underscores the substantial strides we’ve taken in resource efficiency and sustainable initiatives, as well as our proactive stance in preparing commitments for the forthcoming Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ECC).

Through our involvement in the Sustainability Advantage Program, we’ve charted a clear path towards achieving net zero emissions for our Council. This landmark achievement has led us to make significant changes, such as procuring 100% renewable electricity for our facilities through a competitive Power Purchase Agreement. Additionally, our energy efficiency initiatives have gained momentum through the Revolving Energy Fund (REFund), which facilitated projects like the installation of solar electricity systems on Council facilities and comprehensive lighting upgrades.

However, our journey towards sustainability is far from over. Looking ahead, we have ambitious goals to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only within Council but also across our vibrant community. We are excited to share that we are actively collaborating with the NSW Sustainability Advantage Program to draft a transition plan for our electric vehicle fleet and a public parking EV policy to solidifying our commitment to sustainable transportation. When the ECC is adopted, we will work hard to finalise the emissions reduction plan (ERP), get it adopted and begin work on the Community Climate Action Plan.

The Sustainability Advantage Program has been an invaluable partner on this transformative journey. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping our sustainability initiatives and propelling us towards success. We are immensely grateful for their assistance and expertise, which have enabled us to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities for positive change.

We extend an open invitation to other councils and businesses to explore the benefits of the Sustainability Advantage Program. This program not only recognizes and celebrates sustainability achievements but also offers a roadmap for others to tread the path of environmental stewardship. Together, we can create a world that thrives on the principles of environmental responsibility, innovation, and collaboration.


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