Bush Fire Danger Period starts 1 October 2022

30 September, 2022Posted in: Community, Environment

Farmer and pile burn in rural setting

Wingecarribee Shire Council is urging residents to prepare now with the statutory Bush Fire Danger Period coming in effect on Saturday 1 October 2022.

Council’s Manager Environment and Sustainability, Mr Barry Arthur, said the 2022/23 bush fire season will be the first to incorporate the updated Fire Danger Rating System.

“Australia’s Fire Danger Rating System has changed to make it easier for people to make decisions on high fire danger days,” he said.

The move is backed by improvements in science to better predict areas of greater risk on days of fire danger. Its daily forecast tells you how dangerous a bushfire would be if it broke out, and what you need to do to stay safe on Moderate, High, Extreme and Catastrophic days.

With the Bush Fire Danger Period coming into force, anyone wishing to light a fire must obtain a permit from their local Fire Control Centre.

To find out when, where and how backyard burning can be undertaken visit Council’s online Backyard Burning Policy Map at wsc.nsw.gov.au/backyard-burning.

“With an increased risk of grass fires this season, it’s essential that anyone even considering undertaking a burn ensure they obtain the proper approvals,” said Mr Arthur.

On Total Fire Ban days, no fires are to be lit in the open.

“Now is the perfect time to prepare for the oncoming season and update your Bushfire Survival Plan,” said Mr Arthur.

“We can’t escape the fact that most of our Shire is bushfire prone land,” he said. “This means we all have a role to play in fire mitigation.

“And while risk cannot be entirely removed, it can be managed with proper processes.”

To learn more about the Bush Fire Danger Period including Fire Danger Ratings and permits, visit wsc.nsw.gov.au/environment/bushfire-management.