Bike riders urged to stay on the right tracks to ensure Environmental Protection of Mount Gib

15 March, 2024Posted in: Community
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Wingecarribee’s Mount Gibraltar Heritage Reserve is a major historical and cultural asset for all of us to enjoy.  Our council recognizes the importance of this natural asset for locals and visitors alike, especially for nature lovers and recreationalists. Yet Council is again sending a shout out to the community to help protect this valuable natural gem, which is at risk of further deterioration and damage.

While parts of the reserve are undergoing regenerative and environmental protection works, recreationalists are again being reminded to take heed of the road closures and prohibited areas, where bike riding is banned.

Council’s Co-ordinator Natural Resource Projects, Karen Guymer says Council is pleading to bike riders to not use, construct or extend unauthorised mountain bike tracks within Mount Gibraltar, and to instead please stick to the nearby existing Welby Mountain Bike track, which remains open for use.

“We want to assure the community that the existing Welby Mountain Bike Track remains open for use during the construction of a new gravity track and for the repairs and improvements to two strategic fire trails (GMA1 and 2).  Temporary closures of minimal sections will be clearly marked with signage to ensure safety during construction,” she said.

Council recognises the desire for sustainable mountain bike experiences within the shire, while also prioritising the protection of our unique natural environment and is calling on a collaborative approach to find the right balance.

The Draft Mount Gibraltar Heritage Reserve Plan of Management (POM) categorises the area as “Natural Area – Bushland.” The Local Government Act and (General) Regulation provides guidelines for assigning a category and core objectives for each which provides a broad strategic direction for management of this community land. The draft POM provides greater detail on how the community land categorised as Natural Area is to be managed.

The bushland within The Gib provides a vital habitat for iconic species like Koalas and Southern Greater Gliders.  With increasing population density, these natural areas become even more crucial as sanctuaries for wildlife.  Recent community surveys highlight the value residents place on preserving our natural environment and open spaces.

Wingecarribee Shire also boasts a variety of designated areas specifically designed for mountain biking.  We are committed to exploring and developing new opportunities for the responsible enjoyment of this sport within the shire.

“We understand your love of your recreational pursuits, but we please ask you respect the joint responsibility needed to look after our natural environment and to help preserve it so we can all enjoy it for many years to come,” said Karen Guymer.

“We really need mountain bike riders to do their bit and utilise the designated trails at Welby to minimise their impact on the fragile ecosystems at The Gib,” said added.

Details of Draft Mount Gibraltar Heritage Reserve Plan of Management:

Further information on existing designated mountain bike trails in the region: