Before you reach for that firewood…

5 May, 2023Posted in: Environment
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Close up of Australian bush land

Did you know that fallen trees and branches are the natural shelter many of our native animals rely on for survival? For this reason it’s prohibited to collect firewood from our National Parks, roadsides and bushland reserves. So where can you find fuel for your fire sustainably?

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Environment and Sustainability Manager, Barry Arthur, says there are plenty of reputable local suppliers, so you can stock up for the winter without compromising the natural environment we all love. Visit the Firewood Association of Australia’s website to find a trustworthy supplier near you.

“Always ask if their wood is sourced legally and sustainably, according to the Firewood Association of Australia’s Code of Practice,” Barry says.

Recent damage to property and vegetation in bushland reserves has prompted Council to remind community members that we all need to do our part to care for our local landscape, environment and wildlife. “Gathering logs for your fire may seem harmless, but it has a lasting impact on the wildlife,” he said. “These creatures rely on the hollows and foraging areas provided by fallen timber to thrive.”

You can seek a permit through Service NSW to collect firewood from some State forests. If you’d like to apply for one, please visit the Service NSW website

Don’t take the risk this winter. Collection of firewood in bushland reserves is illegal and fines apply.

If you see someone collecting firewood in Council bushland reserves, please let our Customer Service Team know by phoning 02 4868 0888.

Together we can protect and preserve our beautiful bushland for everyone to enjoy, now and into the future.

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