Before and after, investing in drainage works for safer, more resilient roads

25 August, 2023Posted in: Roads and Assets

two part gif showing before and after of kangaloon road

Thanks Kangaloon locals, for letting us know the road improvements we’ve recently completed along Kangaloon Road are so appreciated. More works like this are ongoing across Wingecarribee thanks to $1.65 million in Local Government Recovery Grant funding toward drainage works across our vast network of roads.

We took this pic after completing shoulder works on one side of Kangaloon Road, before tackling overgrowth and drainage issues on the other. You can see the difference it makes to driving conditions.

In the wake of the March and July declared natural disaster events, a joint initiative between the Federal and State Governments made funding available under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements to Councils to support local economic and social restoration and recovery.

The condition of our roads is a priority for our community, and the funding we secured has enabled us to undertake much-needed drainage works at seven locations. It’s important to note that the repairs for these roads will encompass a mixture of full-length restoration and partial-length enhancements.

The areas that will undergo these improvements include:

  • Tugalong Road at Canyonoleigh
  • Penrose Road
  • Church Avenue at Colo Vale
  • Pearsons Lane/Myra Vale Road
  • Church Road at Burrawang
  • Wombeyan Caves Road
  • Tourist Road at Kangaloon

Recent heavy storm events have highlighted the urgency of drainage works to some sections of our roads to prevent localised flooding which poses a safety risk for people crossing flooded roads, and contributes to further deterioration of road edges. Flood waters could not drain away from some sections of road due to sediment build-up blocking the flow of water.

“With this funding we can better prepare our roads for response to future emergency events,” says WSC Manager, Shire Presentation, Mr Greg Bray. “Improved drainage means less water on the roads, so they can remain open in situations when it matters most.”

The scope of works includes clearing and disposal of roadside sediment, vegetation and flood-deposited sediment, to allow the free flow of water and enable drainage infrastructure to function as I was designed to do.

The improvements reduce the likelihood of road structural failure. “A saturated road subbase will ultimately lead to road failures like potholes and heaved pavement,” Greg explains. “Once they collapse, road pavements are very costly to repair, so we are investing in preventing that from happening.”

Weather permitting, all scheduled works will be completed by the end of November 2023 with some already finalised and being enjoyed by residents.


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