A little drier underfoot at CTC Robertson

7 July, 2023Posted in: Community
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Volunteers standing behind the counter with cakes and biscuits in front of them

A special not-for-profit multi-function community centre in Robertson was thrilled to receive funding of $3,800 through Council’s Community Assistance scheme, for necessary works to prevent their facility being flooded out during heavy rain events.

The multi-function centre (CTC Robertson) is an important community hub that offers a variety of enriching experiences, from art and education, to IT, business and commerce. It also serves a vital role in connecting community through social and cultural activities.

“Thanks to the $3,800 that was provided through Councils’ Community Assistance Scheme, flood mitigation measures were undertaken, so that everyone can now access the centre safely and without getting wet during times of rain.” Said Jenny Kena, President of CTC Robertson.

In recent years, heavy rain has frequently been a hindrance for community members using the centre. “The pathway leading to the main entrance would get flooded, making it difficult for people to safely access the building. In some cases, the flooding was so severe that water would enter the building and start flooding the kitchen area.” Said Jenny.

The centre caters to many people from the local community, from casual users to groups who come in for coffee and cake. It also serves as a hub for those seeking assistance with technology and hosts community meetings for up to 40 people. The cinema café is a highlight of the centre, featuring a big screen and around 40 comfortable chairs for movie-goers to enjoy.

With so many people coming and going it was important for the flooding issues to be addressed which have come about since the unprecedented rain events.

With the grant funding, a local trusted plumbing business was brought in to successfully install a new drain and attach it to the existing drainage system that connects to the stormwater system. This has improved water flow away from the building and entrance pathway to resolve the flooding issues.

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