Youth photo competition winners announced

15 June, 2016Posted in: Environment, Events

'Colo Vale Waterfall' © Bodhi Todd

As World Environment Week draws to a close, winners of Council’s ‘Go Wild!’ photo competition have been announced.

The competition was open to youth aged 18 years and younger and called for images that depicted the wild beauty of the Southern Highlands, particularly our region’s natural landscapes and wildlife.

“I would like to thank all photographers for taking the time to contribute to the World Environment Week photography competition,” said local photographer and judge, Nellie Menzies.

“It’s been a pleasure looking through the images and discovering each photographer’s perception of the natural environment around them.”

“The images selected not only fulfil the competition’s criteria but show that the photographer has indeed ‘gone wild’ to capture the image,” Ms Menzies continued.

In the Primary School category, Mischa Spokes (St Michael’s Primary School) was awarded first prize for ‘Love Nature’. Second prize was awarded to Sebastian Ta-mé (Bowral Primary School) for ‘Sunlight Trees’ and third prize was awarded to Beatrix Jones (Moss Vale Primary School) for ‘Reflections on the Water’.

Olive Love, Tameika Spokes (St Michael’s Primary School) and Allira Glasspool (St Michael’s Primary School) were all honoured with a highly commended award for their interpretation of the theme.

In the High School category, Bodhi Todd (Bowral High School) was awarded first prize for ‘Colo Vale Waterfall’. Second prize was awarded to Ben Mitchell (Chevalier College) for ‘Wings’ and third prize was awarded to Alexander Ta-mé (Chevalier College) for ‘Trees’.

Highly commended was awarded to Mimi Love and Iris Love for their inspiring photographs.

“Here in the Wingecarribee we are blessed with walking trails and nature reserves where we can all ‘go wild’ and witness wildlife thriving as nature intended,” said Ms Menzies.

“I hope that these photographs encourage other residents to explore, learn and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us.”

World Environment Week is marked locally between 5 and 11 June 2016 and is proudly supported by The Environment Levy.