Yerrinbool Playgroup Launches to Enrich Community Bonds

20 October, 2023Posted in: Community

Looking to socialise your toddler and connect with other families in your village? Our shout-out to local community groups interested in running playgroups has had one more taker! Yerinbool Playgroup kicked-off this Thursday at the community hall with a little help from Council’s community Resilience Small Grants scheme. You’re welcome to join in weekly on Thursdays, 10am-12noon.

The Yerrinbool Playgroup has come together through a collaborative effort involving the Council, Playgroup NSW, Community Circles, and the Yerrinbool Village Group (YVG) who secured seed funding through Council’s Community Resilience Small Grants program.

This funding will support the growth and sustainability of the Yerrinbool Playgroup so that it continues to connect the community for years to come.

The YVG will assist in managing the logistics of the playgroup, including booking Yerrinbool Community Hall to provide a central location that offers a welcoming and safe environment for local children and their families.

Local Mum Ashlea Allen has generously volunteered to facilitate the Yerrinbool Playgroup every Thursday. Her enthusiasm for connecting with other families is sure to make the experience all the more enjoyable for the children and their parents or carers who take part. “Being part of a local playgroup is a wonderful way to build a stronger sense of community,” Ashlea says. “It can be easy to feel isolated when you have young kids at home and finding your support network, as well as having some regular socialising to look forward to, can make a world of difference.”

If you are part of the Yerrinbool community or live in the surrounding areas, you are welcome to join the playgroup. “We want to create a fun and supportive space for the children to play, explore, learn and develop their social skills,” Ashlea says. “We’re thrilled to have this new community resource up and running.”

Council’s Coordinator Community Development said, “We’re grateful to have a motivated local Mum like Ashlea put her hand up to facilitate this playgroup and look forward to seeing families feeling more connected and thriving in their village community.”

For more information about the Yerrinbool Playgroup and to register, please contact Ashley Allen on or mobile 0478 685 774.


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