Road reconstruction Works Mount Broughton Road, Werai

1 September, 2011

Road re-alignment work is currently underway at Mount Broughton Road south of Bibby’s Lane at Werai.

Road base has been placed as of Thursday 1 September. The road base material is derived from the steel manufacturing process known as slag. This product is commonly used for road construction.

Weather permitting, a bitumen primer seal is scheduled to be overlaid on Friday 9 September, prior to asphalting within the following three weeks.

Work site speed restrictions of 40kph (24 hours) will apply during the construction period. Motorists are cautioned to observe the changed traffic conditions, slow down and exercise care when travelling through the work zones.

Motorists are advised to use alternate routes where possible and are advised to wash their vehicles as per normal or use a high pressure cleaner should they notice any residue as a result of driving over the temporary surface.

Council asks the public to exercise patience during this period and will make every effort to minimise disruptions.

For further information or assistance, contact Council’s Infrastructure Services Division on phone 4860 3006.