New Council to decide fate of Wingello Liquid Ambers

27 August, 2012

Wingecarribee Shire Mayor, Councillor Ken Halstead has declared that 30 Liquid Amber trees planted in Wingello should remain in place until the issue is brought before Council.

“Council staff will not be removing any trees on my watch until a formal request is brought before Council where the newly elected councillors can decide upon their future,” said Councillor Halstead.

The established trees were planted at the entrance to the Shire’s southern village as part of the Wingello Beautification Committee’s Village Improvements Program.

“It is my opinion that one of the great attractions of this Shire is the wonderful autumn colour provided by the exotic trees and how they can work in harmony with the native vegetation,” Councillor Halstead said.

“Both myself and my fellow councillors are not prepared to make a decision on any possible removal of the trees until the residents of Wingello have been consulted and the councillors of the day have had a chance to debate the matter in its entirety.”

The issue of the trees was brought before Council on Wednesday evening after questions were raised by members of the public.