Mayor Halstead expresses disappointment in actions of Councillor

29 March, 2018

“In both my capacity as Mayor and as a resident of our Shire, I am most disappointed in the recent actions displayed by Councillor Scandrett.”

“For reasons known only to him, Councillor Scandrett took it upon himself to contact select media and air his views on the long-awaited Station Street Upgrade Project.

“While Councillor Scandrett is free to publicly voice his opinions, it is the manner in which he deliberately misrepresented Council and the project which concerns me and the other councillors.

“To use draft figures that have yet to be endorsed by our community, let alone approved and adopted by Council, is mischievous at best.

“Councillor Scandrett uses these figures and inappropriately shares them to create doubt about the project, yet neglects to detail the very real benefits it will deliver.

“His comments, and those of the Highlands Matters representatives, are divisive and serve no purpose other than to disrupt this important community project.

“It should be noted that this project has been proposed, in some form or another, for almost 40 years; the aim being to improve traffic flow in and around Bowral, as well as improving the town centre’s streetscape.

“Not only has the Station Street Upgrade Project received widespread community support, but it has also received State Government financial backing.

“Through these actions, Councillor Scandrett has shown he pursues his personal agenda in favour of his civic duty.

“Councillor Scandrett is trying to derail the Station Street Upgrade Project.”