Mayor asks residents to wait for formal proposal

20 December, 2011

Wingecarribee Shire Council Mayor, Councillor Ken Halstead today responded to claims that Council had been approached by the developers of the proposed Burradoo River Park consortium to build a major leisure centre and arts complex at no cost to Council.

“At this point in time, the proponents of the Wongabri proposal have not made any ‘formal’ presentation or made an application to Council for the proposed development, nor have any offers been made to transfer any facilities to Council ownership, should the proposed development opposite the Briars become a reality.”

“The only discussion that has taken place with members from the Wongabri proposal has been in relation to their proposed preliminary community consultation and promotional campaign with Town Planning staff,” Councillor Halstead said.

“Unfortunately, detractors of Council’s proposed Moss Vale Aquatic Centre have used the Wongabri proposal to confuse the public.

“It is Council’s intention to proceed with the covering of the Moss Vale Pool.”

In 2007 a similar proposal was formally made to Council from the Wongabri consortium. This proposal was eventually rejected by the NSW Department of Planning on a number of planning grounds.

“For Council to act on speculation and hearsay would be both irresponsible and most unwise. Until a formal proposal is submitted, which I’m led to believe may be early next year, consideration of detail will not take place,” said the Mayor.

“I believe I speak for all of my fellow Councillors in stating that should a formal proposal be forthcoming next year, the Council will view it having due regard to legislative requirements.”