Councillor Mauger asked to submit Development Application for dam erosion control

27 October, 2011

wwPursuant to a resolution of Council last night (26 October 2011), Wingecarribee Shire Councillor Jim Mauger has been informed that Council will be seeking a Development Application from him in relation to the use of building rubble and other material deposited on his land for the purpose of dam building, dam maintenance and erosion control.

Originally investigated and issued with a series of clean-up notices by the former RID Squad, the material deposited on Councillor Mauger’s “Karingal” property dates from between 2006 and 2010 and is comprised predominantly of bricks, tiles and broken concrete.

Should Councillor Mauger fail to lodge an appropriate Development Application for the use of the material to rebuild and/or stabilise dams on his property, the matter may be referred back to Council for consideration of prosecutorial action.

After calls from the public gallery to consider the matter in Open Council, the General Manager explained the move to Closed Council.

“Whilst the matter was not a Code of Conduct breach, but rather an initial infringement notice issued by the RID Squad, it still contained personal information and advice concerning litigation which therefore made it necessary under the Local Government Act to move it to Closed Council so as not to unfairly influence the debate,” he said.