Council clarifies Moss Vale Indoor Aquatic Centre plans

28 August, 2012

Wingecarribee Shire Council has today clarified the ambiguity surrounding two plans for the Moss Vale Indoor Aquatic Centre which were presented at the last Council meeting.

“Basically, the two plans which were presented last week were not the full set of six plans which were used as a complete set to present Council’s case to the NSW Government’s Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPP),” Council’s Manager of Environmental Assessment, Les Pawlak said.

“The full set of six plans were used by Council to present its case that it had satisfied all of the JRPP’s requirements.

“Viewing the plans in isolation and without the full set, does not give a true representation of the current design as some of the earlier drafts were preliminary designs,” he said.

The full set of six plans includes a plan which Council’s Assessment Team specifically requested of the applicant to satisfy the JRPP’s requirements, namely a plan which shows both car parks on the first plan with the dimensions of parking spaces, aisle widths, car and bus drop off spaces plus maneuvering details for the garbage vehicle as requested by the JRPP. This plan also shows that only four trees are required to be removed for the construction of the eastern car park, and that both car parks will be wholly within the property.

Council has not received any further response from the JRPP that is contrary to there being any issue with either the consent notice or the plans.