Camphor Laurels to be removed from Regent Street, Mittagong

11 November, 2011

As part of Wingecarribee Shire Council’s ongoing Infrastructure Recovery Strategy Maintenance Program, Council will be undertaking footpath, kerb and guttering repair works on Regent Street in front of the Police Station in Mittagong.

To allow the works to proceed, three Camphor Laurel trees located adjacent to the Police Station on the Regent Street road verge will be removed to allow re-construction of the footpath, kerb and guttering. The three Camphor Laurel trees are in poor health and have a significant and invasive root system that have caused damage to nearby infrastructure including lifting of the existing footpath and kerbing. These trees are located within the road pavement and are declared a noxious weed in many parts of Australia. They will not be replaced, instead, the parking lane will be reinstated.

Dependent on the location of underground services, Council will arrange for the re-planting of a suitable replacement species of tree near to the current location.

The repair works, including the removal of the trees will commenceFriday 18 November.

For further information contact Council’s Infrastructure Services Division on 4860 3019.