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9 November, 2023Posted in: Community
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A true artistic treasure from the village of Exeter, Rachel Gregg is a creative spirit who finds satisfaction and self-expression through illustration, writing and photography.

We feel very fortunate to have Rachel involved in producing some of our new imagery of the community groups and projects we partner with through our Community Assistance Scheme and other collaborations.

“For me, Photography is a way to capture the essence of a fleeting moment, allowing me to make a meaningful connection to the subject or environment,” Rachel says. And through her Sticks ‘n’ Figures drawing workshops at Ngununggula, Rachel connects with young people to guide them into connecting with their own imagination and creativity.

“I inherited my love of drawing from my artistic father, and my instinct for photography from my great grandfather who was a portrait photographer in the early to mid 1900’s,” Rachel explains. “My Mum indulged my artistic interests with endless art supplies, beautifully illustrated story books and by gifting me her camera when I was a teenager”. Through her workshops, Rachel hopes to impart the passion for creativity she tapped into as a teenager, to local youth.

The 9-Week course Rachel is running at Ngununggula booked out quickly! Rachel kicks things off with a series of experimental drawing exercises to help everyone loosen up and get in the flow! A keen eye is developed by Life Drawing. “Observational studies help the kids to really ‘see’ the subject, before we shift the perspective and let the imagination take centre stage,” Rachel says of her approach.

Coloured pencils, pastels and markers follow for an afternoon of drawing their favourite pet, before using photographic material to transform them into characters. “The face is one of the trickiest things to get right so we learn about facial proportions with some tips and tricks of the trade to make it easier to grasp,” Rachel says. Next, it’s a self-portrait but with imagery that brings out their personality. Progressing to comic strips and graphic novels.

Once the works are done it’s the parents’ turn to take part in an Open Day for a showing of their child’s favourite works.  “The young people really blossom through the artistic process. I am impressed with the focus they have shown to their art, all with such a wonderfully diverse range of styles. And to see them embrace a new found confidence and pride in their abilities, when they share the journey of what they’ve created with their families.” Rachel says.

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