Ride To Work

7 October, 2011Posted in: Environment, Roads and Assets

Wednesday 12 October will see an increase in cycle power across the Southern Highlands as people jump on their bikes and head off to work on National Ride to Work Day.

Wingecarribee Shire Council encourages cycling as a fun, clean, friendly form of transport and supports its staff to join the wider cycling community riding to work next Wednesday. This is a wonderful way to enjoy a fresh Spring morning riding in real style all the way from home, or even part of the way to work.

Driving your car on the day? Support your cyclist friends and colleagues by maintaining a safe distance between cars and bikes (at least one metre gap to pass a bike in a 50km zone and more distance to pass at higher speeds).

If you need to use your car for work, leave it there on the Tuesday afternoon before Ride to Work Day and organise a lift home with a colleague so you are free to ride the next morning.

Tourism Southern Highlands is a great source of local cycling information and resources: http://www.southern-highlands.com.au/cycling.

Here are some tips from the National Ride to Work Day website to prepare for your ride to work:

Step 1 – Gear up Dig your bike out of the shed and dust it down. If you haven’t ridden for a while, chances are the chain could do with some oil and the tyres will need some air. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your local bike shop for advice.

Step 2 -Go for a cruise
Go for a ride with the kids or invite some friends to ride with you. Check out your bike set-up and make sure you’re comfortable.

Step 3 – Get the low down
Talk to regular riders at work. Ask their advice on how to get to work, where to park your bike, where to shower (if you think you’ll need to) and where to leave clothes.

Step 4 – Ease into it
Before riding to work, consider going for a trial run on the weekend. Remember to time your ride – most people are pleasantly surprised to discover how time-efficient cycling to work can be.

Step 5 – Ride to work
Enjoy your ride and celebrate when you arrive. You’ve achieved something you’ve dreamed of – fitting more exercise into your day, saving money and helping to save the planet!

If you’d like more information about National Ride to Work Day or want to register, visit the website at: http://www.ride2work.com.au/

Happy and safe cycling.