Responsible pet ownership starts at home

25 September, 2017Posted in: Community
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Photo: Jackson Jost

Wingecarribee Shire Council is reminding pet owners of their responsibilities following a recent dog attack in Moss Vale.

“All dog attacks should be reported to Council,” said Council’s Business Support Officer Ranger Services Alicia Kaylock. “Of course, if a person has been injured and requires immediate help always dial ‘000’ first”.

If you are involved in or witness a dog attack try and take note of the following information:

  • date, time and location
  • description of the dog – breed, colour, size, gender, identifying features
  • details of any other witnesses, and if possible get photographic evidence.

Nearly 25,000 dogs are registered across the Shire and during the 2016/17 period Council Rangers responded to 49 reports of dog attack incidents.

“The vast majority of the Shire’s dog owners do the right thing but unfortunately there are still a few owners who disregard their responsibilities and in the process put others at risk.”

“Responsible pet ownership starts at home,” Ms Kaylock said.  “Close doors and gates and make sure fences are well secured in order to stop your dog from roaming the streets.”

“Dog owners have a very clear responsibility to ensure their animal does not threaten or attack other people or pets.”

Ms Kaylock said the Companion Animals Act 1998 provides authorised officers, Council or Police, the power to seize a dog that has attacked and is at risk of continuing to cause an immediate threat to public safety.

Owners face penalties of up to $11,000 if their dog rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses or chases another person or animal (other than vermin) whether or not injury is caused.

In extreme cases, the courts can order that a dog be put down.

All dog attacks should be reported to Council on phone on 02 4868 0888 (24/7).