Playground repairs delayed due to border closure

11 August, 2020Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Repairs to the playground at the David Woods Playing Fields in Bowral have been temporary delayed following the State’s border closure with Victoria.

Specialist contractors from Victoria were scheduled to replace the soft-fall base covering in August but have been confined to Victoria following the state’s recently enforced COVID-19 border restrictions.

Council has been in discussion with the contractor to expedite the repairs as soon as restrictions ease and interstate travel is again permissible.

The cost of these improvements is estimated at $60,000.

Further improvements to the playground will be considered following the adoption of Council’s draft Playspace Strategy.  This strategy is designed to guide the future direction of Council’s public playspaces.  The exhibition of the draft Playspace Strategy closed on 19 July with submissions being collated with a final report considering feedback expected to be presented to Council for adoption by the end of the year.

Following the adoption of the Playspace Strategy, Masterplans for key public play areas, including the David Woods Playing Fields, will be prepared and feedback sought from all stakeholders.  The site-specific Masterplan will detail the long-term improvements envisioned for the David Woods Playing Fields precinct.