Pedestrians urged to ‘Look out before you step out’

16 February, 2017Posted in: Roads and Assets

Look out before you step out

Wingecarribee Shire Council is urging pedestrians to stay alert when crossing the road.

The advice comes as ‘Look out before you step out’ footpath stickers are being installed at pedestrian crossings, intersections and pedestrian refuges throughout the Shire.

Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Officer explained the initiative behind the LOOK Pedestrian Safety program.

“Our Shire’s roads are enjoyed by a range of users,” she said.  “Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians all share the streets.”

Statistics from the latest Transport for NSW Crash Summary Report reveal that pedestrians account for 7.6 per cent of all casualty crashes State-wide.  Across our Shire that figure sits at 4.3 per cent.

“That 4.3 per cent equates to four lives lost on our Shire’s roads in just five years as a direct result of pedestrian related accidents,” Ms Lausz said.

“Our goal is to work towards a zero road toll.”

Launched in October last year by the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) in key metropolitan areas, the initiative is now being rolled out across regional Local Government Areas.

“The stickers are a reminder to everyone to ‘Look out before you step out’ and will be located at key pedestrian crossing points for the next three months,” Ms Lausz said.

“We also know this is a two-way street, and drivers also need to play their part by slowing down, especially in high pedestrian 40km/h zones and on local streets where they know pedestrians are out and about.

“It’s particularly important to drive to the conditions in high pedestrian areas since a car travelling at 50km/h is twice as likely to kill a pedestrian than a car travelling at 40km/h,” Ms Lausz said.

“And conversely we’re urging pedestrians to be extra vigilant when they use the road.”

Other tips as part of the LOOK Pedestrian Safety campaign include crossing at designated crossing points and avoiding distractions such as mobile phones or headphones when crossing the road.

Stickers are set to be installed at 32 locations across the Shire.

“Taking risks and not being mindful on the roads can end in tragedy, which is why it is important for pedestrians to have their head in the moment.”

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The ‘Look out before your step out’ campaign is being conducted by Wingecarribee Shire Council in partnership with Transport for NSW and the RMS.