New Rivercare group for Bundanoon

16 December, 2016Posted in: Environment
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Mittagong Creek Bushcare

Reedy Creek in Bundanoon is set for a new lease of life following the formation of a dedicated Rivercare Group focussed on tackling the area.

The group is the creation of residents of nearby Greasons Road in the north-west of the village who took it upon themselves to rehabilitate the Reedy Creek drainage reserve.

Speaking at the team’s inaugural working bee at the reserve on Wednesday 7 December was Council’s Natural Resource Officer Paul Marshall.

“Residents along Reedy Creek commented that over the past decade invasive weeds like Blackberry had slowly taken a hold of the area,” he said.  “But to the group’s credit they saw the potential of the area.”

After contacting Council’s Bushcare team for initial advice the newly formed group decided to concentrate efforts on rebuilding the wetland habitat that runs through the reserve.

“Once the weeds are brought under control and infill planting is carried out the site can again become a refuge for native animals,” Mr Marshall said.

With some members who are existing participants of the Currabunda Wetlands Bushcare Group, Mr Marshall is confident the team will quickly transform the area.

“Many of the group bring with them bush regeneration skills and experience from the Currabunda wetlands project,” he added.  “This gives them an immediate head-start!”

“However the team would welcome any new volunteers who’d like to roll up their sleeves and join them.

“It doesn’t matter if you have pre-existing experience or you’re a complete novice,” Mr Marshall said.  “Either way you’re sure to learn some new skills and have some fun along the way.”

Group convenors John and Marilyn Evers said the group was looking forward to the challenge.

“We know a lot of locals walk through the site but it really is a hidden treasure,” they said.  “We encourage nature lovers to come and see this wonderful natural asset and join us in its transformation.”

With support of Council’s Bushcare Team, the Reedy Creek Rivercare Group will undertake monthly working bees on site on the first Wednesday of the month.  The group will commence work from February 2017.

The group operates under Council’s Bushcare Program with volunteers registered and provided with training and support from the Bushcare team.  Members are covered by Council’s insurance policies and are supported by Council’s Environment and Sustainability branch.

“Anyone wishing to join this new group or indeed any of the Shire’s other Bushcare or Rivercare groups, can contact Council for more information,” Mr Marshall added.

“Bushcare volunteers not only make a real contribution to protecting our environment, but they also gain a lot of personal satisfaction, knowledge and skills,” he said.

For further information on Council’s Bushcare Program contact Council’s Natural Resource Officer Community Support on phone 4868 0772 or via email at